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A cartoon picture of a fictional animation machine, the Animatron 3000
Production Processes, Perfected! – Working with Distant Future
Motion graphics, animation video, explainer animation, product animation, we apply our skills to achieve lots of different outcomes but everything is designed and created with the same, tested and proven process. Over the last 12 years we’ve been refining the way we work to make sure all our productions go...
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Concept Art sketches
Scarlett has recently completed a voluntary learning placement with us here at Distant Future. Here is what she had to say about the process of finding a placement and developing her creative skills at the studio… For many of us first looking to enter the creative sector, we are immediately...
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Three horses being affectionate towards a cat sat on a fence to symbolise freelancer studio or agency looking after a client
Horses for courses – Agencies, Studios and Freelancers, what’s the difference and which one is right for you?
This article gives a quick breakdown of the key differences between these three types of supplier to help you figure out who you should approach when you’re looking for creative support.   Before doing the research for this article if I’d have asked myself what the difference is between an...
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3D animation of the Distant Future Rocket on a launchpad trying to blast off
Be Like Elon, Embrace Reusability…
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Have you seen the Distant Future animations we have been posting on social media over the last 2 weeks? If you have then you have been seeing examples of an exciting new service Distant Future now offers you – Reusable Content. If you haven’t (because you don’t follow us on...
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