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Be Like Elon, Embrace Reusability…
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Have you seen the Distant Future animations we have been posting on social media over the last 2 weeks? If you have then you have been seeing examples of an exciting new service Distant Future now offers you – Reusable Content. If you haven’t (because you don’t follow us on...
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How We Use Trello
Juggling several projects at once can leave your brain in a spin if you don’t organise and prep yourself effectively.  Finding a good organisation tool can make your workday a lot less stressful and also helps you relax outside of work knowing you have everything in order.   Delivering projects...
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When It All Goes Quiet – Creativity Makes a Comeback
A long time ago (September 2013) in a studio far, far away (Shipley, West Yorkshire), we decided to take a break from the usual day-to-day client work and set our first ever, Creative Challenge. One person opened their head and heart and came up with a brief, revealed the brief...
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DFAS using Blender
A Blender in the Mix – Our Team Has Grown
Our team has grown!  We’re really excited that Tom Roddis has joined the Distant Future Animation Studio team as our Blender Artist. Tom has joined us directly from graduating in a Visual Communications degree which he studied at Leeds Arts University. He had originally contemplated doing a degree in maths...
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updating animations for global markets
Going Global – How Animation Helps You Conquer International Markets More Easily
Updating animations for different international audiences is often easy enough.  Occasionally you might need to tweak the layout as a few words on screen might need 22 characters in English, but need 42 characters in Russian or only 10 characters in Chinese! Just a few words can have a massive...
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