A cartoon picture of a fictional animation machine, the Animatron 3000
Production Processes, Perfected! – Working with Distant Future
Motion graphics, animation video, explainer animation, product animation, we apply our skills to achieve lots of different outcomes but everything is designed and created with the same, tested and proven process. Over the last 12 years we’ve been refining the...
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Concept Art sketches
Scarlett has recently completed a voluntary learning placement with us here at Distant Future. Here is what she had to say about the process of finding a placement and developing her creative skills at the studio… For many of us...
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Three horses being affectionate towards a cat sat on a fence to symbolise freelancer studio or agency looking after a client
Horses for courses – Agencies, Studios and Freelancers, what’s the difference and which one is right for you?
This article gives a quick breakdown of the key differences between these three types of supplier to help you figure out who you should approach when you’re looking for creative support.   Before doing the research for this article if...
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Colourful checklist template to show idea, to do, doing and done stages on a project
How We Use Trello
Juggling several projects at once can leave your brain in a spin if you don’t organise and prep yourself effectively.  Finding a good organisation tool can make your workday a lot less stressful and also helps you relax outside of...
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Updating animations for global markets
Going Global – How Animation Helps You Conquer International Markets More Easily
Updating animations for different international audiences is often easy enough.  Occasionally you might need to tweak the layout as a few words on screen might need 22 characters in English, but need 42 characters in Russian or only 10 characters...
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Group of people voicing their feedback
Animation Feedback Made Easier
At Distant Future we constantly look for new tools and tricks to improve our work, increase efficiency and make our process better for everyone we work with.  A couple of years back we started to use Vimeo’s Review Tools feature...
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Eraphones depicting Podcasts and productivity
Podcasts and productivity – listen while you work
Podcasts and productivity is a potentially controversial combination.  But I thought I would mention my love of listening to podcasts and how it helps me focus on the particular job in hand.  It makes me more productive and I get...
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