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Welcome to the Future

A collaborative team of three versatile animators and one marketing specialist, Distant Future has been helping companies inform and educate their audiences since 2011.

We deliver on time and on budget across all areas of 2D and 3D animation including motion graphics, product visualisation, service explainers, property visualisation and virtual reality.

If you’re looking for compelling animated content for websites, expos, events, internal communications, staff training or TV adverts, we’ve got the experience, tools and talent you need.

Product Animation

Animation creates the perfect product showcase. View from any angle, take it apart, look inside and explore products that aren’t built yet.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics and kinetic typography transforms text, logos, illustrations and icons into captivating moving images.

Character Animation

From the cutest cartoon character to the most malevolent monsters, we’ll add the personality that makes them into screen stars.


Our versatile and professional animation studio has years of experience understanding our clients’ aims and ideas, delivering animation realness for industry, for agencies and for everyone.

  • For Industry
    Helping your industry to thrive with forward-thinking content   Distant Future Animation Studio works with a number of industry sectors,...
  • For Agencies
    Creative, original and award-winning animation support for you and your clients   Distant Future Animation Studio is trusted by marketing...
  • For Everyone
    Making creative and professional animation available to everyone   Distant Future Animation Studio have worked with a diverse range of...

Distant Future have always delivered a good quality and cost-effective service, and during the years we've been working with them, they've kept providing the same high quality and efficiency that we value in our suppliers.


We are thrilled with the animation produced for us by Distant Future. They supported us throughout the whole process, and made it an exciting, seamless experience for us.


Distant Future Animation Studio took the time to understand what was needed from myself, the client, and also the needs of the project as a whole then produced excellent work that added an essential extra dimension that we couldn’t have done ourselves.


Working with Distant Future has been a pleasure from start to finish. They excelled at every stage of production and the outcome is exceptional and has been great for business.


"I was so impressed with Distant Future, their willingness to understand our business and objectives resulted in the perfect video, a real pleasure to work with."


"Working with Distant Future has been a revelation. From the initial meeting to discuss concepts and ideas, they move quickly to storyboard and animation with a flexible adaptable attitude. The output has consistently exceeded our expectations and has significantly improved the marketing of our business."