Cleartrak – GBR-Rail

3D Animation

After the success of a highly technical product animation we created for them in 2021, GBR-Rail saw an opportunity for a more marketing-focused animation to show the features and benefits of the Cleartrak system.

This new animation compares a traditional waste handling system to GBR-Rail’s industry leading alternative.  The side by side comparison illustrates the positive impact on the environment, running costs, safety, and availability of rolling stock given by having the right solution in place.

  • GBR-Rail
  • Rail
  • Written Treatment, Storyboarding, Environment Design, 3D Modelling and Animation
An top-down image of a man watching a flushing toilet in a train cubicle
A train pulling up to a service platform at night
Projects like this call for a perfect balance of technical precision and visual impact. The creative team here are used to becoming temporary experts in engineering, electronics and medical fields and have been designing animations such as this since 2011.

– Tom Roddis / Distant Future Animation Studio

It’s important to us to keep building on previous work and make each new animation more impactful than the last.

To mark this project as an evolution from the first, we added over 20 fully animated people using a blend of motion capture with keyframed animation.  This really brought the world to life, making the scenario more real, more relatable and more understandable to potential buyers.

The final animated video now lives at the top of the company homepage, serving as an introduction to all their services, and is available to download so customers and colleagues can watch the animation without needing an internet connection.

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