BLADE – acdc

Like MONDO and VISTA FLEX, for BLADE, acdc Lighting needed 3D product renders to show the product and its impact.

What MONDO needed was smooth, detailed renders that would show the sleek, stylish design of the product itself. Later, with VISTA FLEX, the goal was illustrating the creative possibilities it would open up for architects and lighting designers. The key to selling BLADE, though, said the client, was showing how well it lights its targets.

Their challenge to us, after our work on MONDO, was to “wipe the floor” with the 2D visualisations they had already. Challenge accepted, we said!

3D Product Renders for Visualisation

  • acdc Lighting
  • Lighting Design and Manufacture

  • Visual Design, Script writing, Storyboard, Animation, Voiceover & Audio
3D rendered image of a building lit with BLADE luminaires from acdc Lighting
still frame from the 3D animated renders showing the anti-vandal security screws on BLADE products, from acdc Lighting
one of the computer-generated 3D renders of the linear distribution angles — specifically, the 60 degree option — of the light from a BLADE luminaire

To give us more production power, we brought Rob in to work with Lauren, Hugh and me on this one. A lot of time and development work went into the volumetric lighting effects we needed, and creating the homogenous and scalloped lighting.

Bill Beaumont, Project Lead / Distant Future

The product images they had were already in 3D, although we rebuilt the models for animation and sharpened the renders. The build quality, anti-glare film, micro-louvres, cowl and adjustable brackets make the product what it is. What matters most, though, is what all those things give you.

Continuous fill, lack of colour shadows and finely controlled angles, and the way the blade of illumnation grazes across textures… Those are the things that have the impact. The visualisations they had were little more than diagrams. Bringing them towards a level of realism to sit alongside the installation photography was where we went to work.

For us, what matters is not just what we deliver to our clients, but how we deliver. As usual, acdc wanted to be able to use After Effects to repurpose and translate the video content we created. As usual, we where happy to give them all the files they needed to do that. Again, as with other products, they wanted 3D renders as still images to incorporate into other sales material. Once again, we were happy to oblige.