Vista FLEX – acdc

VISTA FLEX is a little different from the rest of the acdc Lighting product range. So, when they came to us for an animated 3D product visualisation, we wanted to add something different too.

Our past work for acdc Lighting included MONDO, VERTIGO and BLADE. They loved our product renders on those, and so did we. To show the full potential of VISTA FLEX, though, meant showing more than just the product itself. And since this was a new, industry-leading product, there were no large-scale finished installations to show.

Animation was the answer, then — and we went Sci-Fi!

3D Animated Product Visualisation

  • acdc Lighting
  • Lighting Design and Manufacture

  • Visual Design, Script writing, Storyboard, Animation, Voiceover & Audio
computer-generated 3D product visualisation, with technical specs super-imposed over the image
digitally created 3D visualisation of a futuristic cityscape, using Vista FLEX, taken from the animation
computer-generated product visualisation - a still frame taken from the animation

As well as the animations and stills, we supplied pre-rendered 3D content in an editable After Effects file. That way they could change languages and product details, then output new versions themselves for launches across the globe.

Bill Beaumont / Distant Future

Some see Tron. Some see Blade Runner. We see the genuine possibilities for architects, lighting designers and civil engineers who incorporate VISTA FLEX in their work.

This is an exterior lighting range, with top-bend and side-bend models that flex to fit almost any surface. Each fixture creates a continuous, consistent line of even light. Pixel variants allow precise control of different colours in different segments. The results are as stunning as a designers’ imagination allows them to be.

It’s not all about the in-your-face stuff, though. Subtle as they may be, the lighting and material work in the product shots make for some nice visual moments. The scene lighting playing off the top of the product in the early shots was particularly rewarding for the team.

Sure enough, as well as the concept animation, the client had us deliver 3D renders and product stills, which they’ve used online and in print.