We Seal – Targeted Animation with Extra Impact

With an already dominant market share in the UK, We Seal came to us to create an animation that would resonate with the marketing, quality control and engineering departments of potential buyers, right across the globe.

With specific messaging for each of these audiences, the animation needed to be seamless as a single, complete animation video, and also be designed to be split into smaller clips for social media campaigns.

2D Character Animation

  • We Seal
  • weseal.com

  • Script Writing, Visual Design, Storyboard, Character Design & Animation, Voice Over and Audio, Subtitling
An animated character in front of a newly installed bread sealing machine
A cartoon image of a boy and a dog peering over a kitchen worktop
Two engineers discuss blueprints of a bread sealing machine

“It can be difficult to convey exactly what we do and why it matters, but the animation really captures what we’re trying to achieve.  It’s gets across everything we want potential new customers to know in under 2 minutes”

Michelle Kitsell / Marketing Manager

The final character animation and motion graphics has been a great success.  We supplied versions with French and English subtitles increasing international reach.  And as planned, it’s been divided up into individual clips for targetted social posts.

The complete animation is being used as a key feature on their website, and as a key asset at an international exhibition, gaining very positive responses from customers.

The animation has had a fantastic impact on the whole team at We Seal. Michelle comments “Our colleagues have been really impressed and we’ve had comments like “Wow that’s made me really proud to work here!”

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