Foster for Bradford – Bradford Council

On the 1st of April 2023, Bradford Children & Families Trust Fostering Service became an independent agency.

As well as a visual rebrand, they wanted to celebrate and promote their new identity with a series of mini-animations for their social platforms.

Also, they were working with a low budget, three scripts and needed the final animations as soon as possible.

2D Animated Motion Graphics

  • Bradford Children and Families Trust
  • Fostering Services
  • Storyboards, Character Animation
A cartoon drawing with a Bradford District sign in the foreground and a car and row of houses in the background
Illustrated icons showing people, a laptop, smiling faces and waving hands
'Love it, looks great to me. I’ve shown it to our bosses and spoken to my colleague and we have a very positive response!'

Ben Whitehead / Fostering Team Manager – Recruitment & Assessment

We had just 8 working days between receiving the first script and the required delivery date.  Development needed to include a written treatment, storyboards and animation, with the opportunity for amends at every stage.

One of the things that made such a tight turnaround possible was they already had a distinctive visual style that we were able to adopt.

To make things easy for our client, we collected all the artwork from their website, then created extra assets in the same style to give us everything we needed.

With a minimalistic approach to motion that complements the child-like illustrations, we successfully created not one, but three animations in the required time and had a very happy client.

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