NottsBus – Nottinghamshire County Council

Having seen the effectiveness of the YorBus animation we made for North Yorkshire County Council  Nottinghamshire County Council came to us for an animated explainer video to help promote the service and show how the on demand bus service app works.

The animation was going to launch at the same time as the service itself, helping generate awareness of the service through wider marketing campaigns.

It also aimed to demistify the service, introducing it in a simple, engaging way, without being childish or patronising and we were happy to deliver exactly that.

Public Services Video with
Motion Graphics and Animated Characters

  • Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Local Government

  • Visual Design, World Building, Scriptwriting, Storyboard, Animation, Voiceover and Audio
A close-up of the Nottsbus app on a mobile phone in someone's hand
An illustration of a someone waiting at a bus stop with trees hills and a windmill behind them
An image from the animation, showing the Nottsbus app running on a mobile device with trees in the background

Diversity Included

Our client wanted to reflect a broad range of ethnicities and ages.

In other animations we’ve used abstract skin colours such as blue to allow the audience to interpret the characters as in their own way.

For this project so we created a range of characters with more realistic skin tones and a broad age range, resulting in a demographically inclusive marketing asset.


What you’re seeing on this page is actually the second version of the of the animation.

After the service launched, a number of improvements were made to the app.  This meant that the booking process shown was actually out of date.

Animation is highly adaptable so we were able to reopen the work files and make the updates quite quickly.  Then, working with the original voice artist, seemlessly integrated new audio to make sure what the audience see in the animation, exactly matches what they see in the app.