MONDO – acdc

acdc are global lighting application experts in outdoor architecture, plazas and landscapes. They had used animation before to showcase their ground-breaking luminaires, but it had always been quite basic. So, when they approached Distant Future, they agreed with us that true 3D product visualisation was the brand’s next step.

The animation work they’d done in-house was great for identifying the products, but now they wanted photorealism. That way they could show not just the lamps themselves, but also the way they illuminate everything around them.

They didn’t want to abandon the After Effects knowledge they had in-house, though. They wanted to take what we created, and be able to adapt it themselves, for different uses and markets.

3D Product Visualisation

  • acdc Lighting
  • Lighting Design and Manufacture

  • Script writing, Storyboard, Visual Design, Location-Building, Animation from CAD
3D product visualisation images of MONDO W5i and MONDO B5i from acdc Lighting
3D product visualisation images of MONDO W5i, with dimensions indicated
3D product visualisation image of MONDO B5i with technical spec listed

acdc won a Red Dot Award for Product Design for one of their other products. When we congratulated them on LinkedIn, they replied to thank us, since our animation was part of their winning application.

Bill Beaumont / Managing Director

3D product visualisation work meant we could look around and inside their products easily and clearly. It allowed us to manipulate lighting effects in a way that simply isn’t possible in 2D. And we gave them scope to show the product in new settings far cost-effectively than live action video. This was our first project for acdc, and our whole team were excited about what we could do for them.

It was an honour to be able to elevate their visual presentation to a level worthy of their product range. What’s more, we could have fun “painting with light” in the various scenes we built, while also keeping costs down. The creative cinematography and camera movement we used hides the fact that the products themselves are barely animated at all.

As well as the 3D product visualisation, we also provided graphic design and typography. Again, these were elements acdc could re-use elsewhere, as well as adding to the final video outcome.

Thanks to the way we worked together, they have been able to publish translations for European markets, as they’d hoped. They also use the images and renders we created extensively in printed brochures, as well as on their web site.