SmartCool ONE™ – Airedale by Modine

When Airedale by Modine announced SmartCool ONE™, their precision cooling system, they needed a 3D animated product visualisation for the launch.

Airedale, based in Leeds, has been in business for nearly 50 years, and is a world leader in mission-critical thermal management solutions. Their brief to us was for brand-consistent video content that would not just showcase the fully re-engineered product range, but would also emphasise their pedigree of engineering innovation.

What’s more, they needed specific versions for the UK and US markets.

Animated 3D Product Visualisation

  • Airedale by Modine
  • Cooling Systems Manufacture

  • Visual Design, Animation From CAD Data, Location Building, Storyboard, Scriptwriting, Voiceover and Audio
High level side flanged to PN16 LH/RH fluid connections Optional shut-off valve available
3D X-ray visualisation of the valve options in the SmartCool ONE

Looks amazing. I can’t wait to show this to other people in the business!

Darren Farrar, Global Head of Marketing / Airedale by Modine

Hugh, Lauren, Tom and Bill collaborated to create the animation and graphics, starting with work we’d done for Airedale before. Dynamic cinematography brings energy and style to the 3D product visualisation, so as to reflect the client’s global aspirations.

“It was one of those product animation projects where the team’s skills meshed seamlessly”, said Lauren. “Everyone had their distinct role, and the production came together like a jigsaw.”

A particular challenge was depicting the flow of air through the machine to show the air cooling process. We came up with quick and efficient alternatives to complex fluid simulations, which helped us wow the client while still delivering on time and on budget.

Lauren again, on another creative addition: “I particularly enjoy an X-ray view. It makes lots of interesting lines and shapes and allows us to highlight a single product in a clean and clear way.”

The X-ray visualisations and 360° renders we provided show detail around and inside the product while maintaining a clean, technical look. Now, as well as using the full video, Airedale also feature those renders separately online, at expos and presentations and elsewhere.