Product Animation, 3D Animation

Redtronic Ltd produces injection moulded lights for vehicles used by the emergency services, military, rail industry, breakdown & recovery sector, and more.

With an ever-growing range of cutting-edge products, they use 3D product animation to show the features and benefits and to tell the story of their products.

  • Redtronic Limited
  • Automotive - Warning Accessories

  • Look development, Animation using CAD drawings
Realistic 3D Animation showing placement of the Redtronic flashing blue warning lights on a car.
Realistic 3D Animation showing dimensions of the miniature LED for the Redtronic warning light system
Realistic 3D Animation of blue emergency services flashing lights built into a car wing mirror
We were able to propose an approach that drew on the style of their previous video content, while keeping production as cost-effective as possible.

– Bill Beaumont / Distant Future

For this particular project, producing great work on a low budget was essential.  Having worked with other animation companies before, Redtronic know the value of a well-formed brief, laying out what they wanted to say about the product, how long they expected the animation to be, and providing reference images and video.

At the risk of self-aggrandising, the end result looks really good.  Elegant, stylish and impactful with realistic light effects added in post-production that put the finishing touches on to some lovely 3D renders!

Redtronic have already put this on their YouTube channel and will be sharing the animation with their distribution partners to promote their products even further afield.

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