Video Marketing

Three horses being affectionate towards a cat sat on a fence to symbolise freelancer studio or agency looking after a client
Horses for courses – Agencies, Studios and Freelancers, what’s the difference and which one is right for you?
This article gives a quick breakdown of the key differences between these three types of supplier to help you figure out who you should approach when you’re looking for creative support.   Before doing the research for this article if...
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3D animation of the Distant Future Rocket on a launchpad trying to blast off
Be Like Elon, Embrace Reusability…
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Have you seen the Distant Future animations we have been posting on social media over the last 2 weeks? If you have then you have been seeing examples of an exciting new service Distant Future now offers you – Reusable...
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Updating animations for global markets
Going Global – How Animation Helps You Conquer International Markets More Easily
Updating animations for different international audiences is often easy enough.  Occasionally you might need to tweak the layout as a few words on screen might need 22 characters in English, but need 42 characters in Russian or only 10 characters...
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Save Time and Money Using Animation
Over the past few years, video has taken over the marketing world with many marketers considering it to be the most effective type of content on websites and social media.  Studies have found that using video increases engagement, is more...
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