Be Like Elon, Embrace Reusability…

3D animation of the Distant Future Rocket on a launchpad trying to blast off

Have you seen the Distant Future animations we have been posting on social media over the last 2 weeks?

If you have then you have been seeing examples of an exciting new service Distant Future now offers you – Reusable Content.

If you haven’t (because you don’t follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) …  well, we will get to that later!

What Is Reusable Content?

Short animations that we will produce for you in very little time.  Once the first one is completed then we will reuse assets in your second, third etc. that get your messages out there in a clear and consistent form.

As Elon once quoted “Rockets are cool. There’s no getting around that” we thought we would give you a taster of what we mean by producing four animations built around the new Distant Future branding.

And the assets we reused?  Well, our rocket (obviously!) but also the environment, the colour palette, the textures, the sound effects, the lighting, and the humour, all to produce four short Distant Future animations promoting how we help our clients.

Do you want to say the same message to a different audience? A minor change does it all!

The Appeal of a Short Animation

We all know that video is the go-to medium to get audiences to sit up and take notice, but think about it, what is more appealing?  Sitting through a bum-numbing 4-hour epic to get the whole story or a memorable short that gets straight to the point?

Don’t get us wrong, there is a time and a place for longer videos and/or animations.  During the pandemic uploads of long-form videos to hosting platforms did increase (well we all had more time to watch them), however, short-form videos still have a higher and better engagement rate.

Engagement is calculated by the number of plays of a video and multiplying that by the full length of the media.  This gives the total amount of time an audience could have spent consuming the content.  From your analytics/insights, take the actual length of time people spent watching the video and divide it by the first number and Ta-Da! that gives you an Engagement Rate.

Piecharts showing percentage of customer engagement based on video length from Wistia 2021 state of Video report

How Can I Use Reusable Content?

The four Distant Future animation examples are all around 30 seconds long and under 40MB in size.  This makes them ideal to use on all social media channels whether it’s for regular channel posting or paid for advertising.

Results table showing optimal video lengths and maximum file size for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Video will bring life and movement to your website which will make the user experience much more appealing.  The same could be said about embedding your short animations into your emails and/or newsletters.

If your content is more appealing then it is more likely the user will share it or recommend you to their network, spreading your message to a much larger audience

One factor that can affect a website’s Google ranking is a slow loading speed which can be caused by large media files.  These re-usable content animations are smaller in size so they shouldn’t impact your website loading speed and hence not affect your Google rankings.  The smaller size also means your emails are less likely to be rejected because of space restrictions of the recipient’s email inbox.

How Does Reusable Content Benefit Me?

There are many benefits for using reusable content animations and some benefits may be unique to you, however, the key benefits to everyone are

  • It gets your message across in a simple and engaging way.
  • It helps build your brand and identity.
    Consistency is the key.  Using your logo, branding colours, humour etc. makes them easily recognisable.
  • They are easy to share via social media & email.
  • It builds trust in your customers.
    Trust is the biggest asset when it comes to driving conversions.  Showing ways to simplify customers lives and understand their pain points generates trust in you to provide the solutions.  As stated above, re-usable content will allow you do this in a simple and engaging way.


  • It is a professional animation.
    There is software available that allows you to produce your own animations but it can be limited on what it produces and if you are not that artistic, the finished animation can end up looking amateurish.  Our reusable content is produced by experienced animators using professional software, the resulting animation is professional which reflects on you as a company.


  • Google loves video.
    Putting your reusable animations on your website can drastically improve your SEO efforts and drive more people to your website.  Keeping them engaged keeps them on your site longer also improves the SEO.
If you would like to discuss more about re-usable content animation, get in touch quoting Reusable Content.

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