Product Animation

Animation creates the perfect product showcase. View from any angle, take it apart, look inside and explore products that aren’t built yet.


Motion Graphics

Motion graphics and kinetic typography transform text, logos, illustrations and icons into captivating moving images.


Animated Identity

Why settle for a static version of your brand? Sprinkle some motion magic to liven up your logo and add sizzle to your strap line.


Character Animation

From the cutest cuddly cartoon to the most malevolent monsters, we’ll add the personality that makes them into screen stars.



When you don’t really want to blow the place up, let us create a big bang in post-production. If you can’t shoot it, we can make it happen.

Welcome to Distant Future Animation Studio

Distant Future is a creative animation studio, with the emphasis definitely on creative.

Every project is different and our award-winning team bring their combined expertise and unique perspective to deliver original and visually exciting animations.

It could be bringing a product life, making a presentation more entertaining or adding special effects to a video, Distant Future can even create a personality for an animated character: it’s all about making sure audiences remember their experience.

If you can imagine it, we can create it.