Insect Based Pet Food – Barentz Innovafeed

Screenhouse Productions needed to create an eye-catching video with 2D-animated motion graphics, for a new pet food concept.

This wouldn’t just be an artistic challenge, though. This was at the height of the first COVID lockdown, and their client had stakeholders in three different countries. Easy communication and a flexible working approach would also both be vital for successful delivery.

2D Animated Motion Graphics

  • Barentz Innovafeed
  • Screenhouse Productions
  • Life Science Ingredients

  • Visual Design, Character Design & Animation, Storyboard, Visual Effects
2D Cutout Animation - Tim Lemeer of Barentz explaing the challenges finding sustainable sources of protein for pet food
2D Cutout animation - Dish of insect grubs
2D cutout Animation - relationship between supply factory innova feed factory and powergrid

Thanks very much Distant Future. Barentz and Innovafeed love the film. Thanks so much for all your work. It looks great and does exactly what we hoped it would.

Paul Bader / Screenhouse Productions

Sustainability is becoming an ever-bigger part of everyone’s lives, particularly in food production. That’s not only true for people, but also for animals. Insect-based pet food is a game-changing idea that has many benefits. Still, not everyone finds it an ease concept to embrace.

With this project, then, it was important to present the concept and the product in friendly terms. Our mission was to create an explainer video that explained the opportunity in a clear, bright and entertaining way.

Although this was an animation project, the client wanted to include as much live action content as they could So, Paul at Screenhouse helped Barentz staff to make their own video clips on mobile phones. Paul selected the clips they wanted to use, and then sent them on to us. (We’re always open-minded about how we can co-create with clients and agents, and this is a great example.)

We came up with a cut-out style to bring the live action video into the 2D animated motion graphics. That gave the finished piece a less clinical, more hand-made feel — which was exactly what the client wanted.