VERIFi™ – ChargePoint Technology

ChargePoint Technology hadn’t used 2D character animation in their videos before — so when they wanted something different, that’s what we suggested.

Ben Wylie, Senior Product Manager at ChargePoint, wanted us to create an animation to introduce the VERIFi™ smart monitoring hub, and explain its benefits.

We’d created a number of 3D animated videos for them before, all of which had been very well received by their customers and within the business. This time, though, they wanted to show people using the equipment.

Ben wanted something character-led, and going with the same style didn’t feel right to him. Always happy to oblige, our proposed 2D character animation — and Ben loved it.

2D Character Animation

  • ChargePoint Technology
  • Pharmaceutical processing equipment

  • Visual Design, Character Design, Storyboard, Voiceover and Audio, Visual Effects
2D animated characters using ChargePoint VERIFi™
VERIFi™ – ChargePoint Technology
VERIFi™ Smarthub dashboard in 2D character animation

…the format gives much more license to be entertaining and personable to the market/customer, to empathise with their problems… If you have a story to tell, rather than a product concept to show off, the 2D format works well.

Ben Wylie / ChargePoint Technology

Then the real work started.

The character-based approach helped with the potentially dry nature of what is quite a technical product. Even so, it was a tough sell to some of the engineers inside the organisation. We did all we could to help our client justify the decision to try something fresh.

Once they were on board, we had to finalise the visual style and design the characters, create the storyboards, and do the animation. We also had to contract a voice artist and record the narration. Then came post-production, including both audio and visual effects elements.

And we only had two weeks to deliver the whole project, start-to-finish.

Lauren, Violette, Bill, Mark and Dania all pitched in. We hit the deadline, and delivered on budget. And the client loved that too.