Clearview Intelligence

Clearview Intelligence has a history of over 27 years of revolutionising traffic management and safety.  As a technology-focused company, they look to the future, imagine and then create the next generation of traffic safety products with the purpose of (as their tagline says), making journeys work.

But how could they show what they were going to be doing over the next five to ten years?  How could they incorporate their products that don’t exist in places they haven’t been installed?

  • Clearview Intelligence
  • Transport and Highways

  • Script writing, Storyboard, Visual Design, Voiceover & Audio, Animation
3D animation of a Drone flying above a busy dual carriageway.
Realistic 3D Animation of a car driving very fast past an electronic ice warning sign on a motorway
This project gave us a great opportunity to push our work towards photo-realism and taught us a lot about creating realistic environments while working to a strict budget and timeline. Overall we were very successful and we're applying what we learned here on all our future work

– Bill Beaumont / Distant Future Animation Studio

After the success of our first project with them, Clearview Intelligence wanted to work with us again to address those issues.  We created a main feature animation for their stands at the UK’s largest and most established exhibition for the transport and highways sector, Traffex 2019.

The goal was to create a realistic 3D animation that grabbed people’s attention at the event and could also be used on their website to illustrate the industry’s direction.

The animation and voice over cover the integration of cutting edge technologies such as 5G networks, connected vehicles, in-road smart sensors that analyse driving conditions, and the increasing amount of available data for traffic control.

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