Find out how our work recently featured on the BBC's 'The One Show'

Our client, Clearview Intelligence, was recently featured on ‘The One Show’, talking about their award-winning SolarLite Studs.

As part of the interview, Distant Future’s work was featured showing the product working in different weather conditions – which isn’t the first time our animation has been shown at peak time on broadcast television.

Find out a bit more about how we worked with Clearview Intelligence to create marketing content that is a high a standard as the product itself.


Clearview Intelligence is based in Buckinghamshire in the UK.  Their Digital Marketing Manager, Michelle Caulfield-Harris, approached us about creating video content that showed the clarity of their excellent road safety product in different weather conditions.


Clearview Intelligence required animation to show the difference between their road safety product and the standard product currently in everyday use.  The product is a solar-powered road stud that allows drivers to see the road much further ahead, and is particularly effective in rain, fog and at night.  Distant Future were able to simulate each condition to show off the product in the different driving conditions of (from top to bottom): Fog, Dusk, Night and Rain.

How long did the process take?

The project took six weeks and the videos were created primarily for use at an exhibition. This meant the deadline was immovable and Distant Future had no problems meeting that deadline.

What elements of the process stood out for you?

We found the level of detail and realism of the final output most impressive.  Watching the finished videos makes you feel like you are driving down the road.

What will be the ultimate benefit of the finished result?

The animations were used at the initial exhibition mentioned as well as since and they effectively sparked conversations with potential clients.   They have also formed part of subsequent marketing campaigns as they are an excellent way of demonstrating just how much difference the product makes to the driving experience.

Any other comments?

We’ve already been in touch with Distant Future about our next project!