2D Animation, Character Animation, Motion Graphics

Trainline.com have a team of over 600 talented people from more than 40 countries working in London, Paris and Edinburgh. Keeping such a large number of people plugged in to the company culture and informing and educating them in a way that engages everyone can be a challenge.

Thankfully that’s a challenge in which animation shines.

  • Trainline.com
  • Rail Transport / Public Transport
  • www.thetrainline.com
  • Script writing, Storyboard, Visual Design, Voiceover & Audio, Animation.

Title screen of 2D animation to explain the Trainline.com system to partners
It was inspiring to watch our motion graphics specialist put this together. The design is brand consistent, the visuals are simple and engaging, and the motion is smooth and graceful. The simple sound effects add an extra layer of fun and energy to the animation and we're proud to have completed work for another household name

– Bill Beaumont / Distant Future Animation Studio

Distant Future Animation was asked to design and create a piece of motion graphics that gave an overview of the entire Trainline operation, from the purpose of all the elements in the customer homepage through to the function of all the different departments involved in the booking process.

The Information Systems Team, Design Team, Commercial Department, Legal Team, Development Team, Partnership Team, Online Marketing Team, Finance Team, Security Team, Database Team, Fraud Review Team, Management Information Billing Team, Customer Service Team, Quality Team, the Resource Planning Team, and the Customer Experience Team are all featured and represented by relatable, animated characters.

The result is a 12 minutes and 43 seconds overview of the entire operation which Trainline.com showed to every staff member to give them an appreciation of how all the separate departments are connected and work together.
The animation is also used as an induction video for all new staff.