Motion Tracking, Effects

Marshalls is a complete external landscaping, interior design, paving and flooring supplier.  The company helps its customers with everything from planning and engineering, to guidance and delivery.

motion tracking garden paving
motion tracking walled Pond area
motion tracking paved driveway
Using carefully practiced motion tracking techniques, we embedded floating labels into the footage. The result? A finished product that represented the aspirational look and feel the client had asked for in the original brief.

– Bill Beaumont / Distant Future

Some of the most impressive installations Marshalls had created were documented by the company, on steadicam footage.  And they were looking to use this footage to showcase their services.  However, the one thing that was missing was an elegant way to incorporate their products’ sales messages into the footage.

Are you considering animation in your next brand video?  If so, we’ve thought ahead.  We can help you plan your video footage and ultimately get the best results.  Take a look at our blog article ‘Quick Tips For Motion Tracking’ by clicking here.