Harrogate Spring Water

Visual Effects, Motion Graphics

This was a two-part project resulting in two films, one that played at cricket grounds across the country and another that played at Royal Ascot.  The first was a lovely VFX piece brought to us by our friends at Twenty Twenty.  We made cricket balls explode into torrents of water as they got batted by the cricket legend, Darren Gough, seamlessly picking out bits of stray water balloon from the cricket bat, from the middle of the splashing water and from Darren’s trousers.
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Perfectly proud of our work, it really is one of those projects where you can watch it through and not even see the work we did.

– Bill Beaumont / Distant Future

The second piece took the elegant styling of the Harrogate Spring Water brand and developed it into an aspirational and abstract promo.

While the cricket film was very much a set brief, with this one we had a lot of freedom to create beautiful visuals of our own design.