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Farnell really is a global technology leader.  The group has supported hobbyists, engineers, maintenance engineers and buyers for over 80 years.

Farnell are very active on YouTube and have received nearly 10 million views across all of their content.  But they wanted to further promote their element 14 community to different audiences.  So, they turned to one of Distant Future’s partner agencies to discuss plans for a series of 2D animations.

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Motion graphics
Motion graphics
Motion graphics
The client first issued their storyboarding ideas as well as their brand guidelines. Then our 2D Specialist created made use of motion graphics and kinetic text to create three animations. All of which was delivered on time, on budget and on brand!

Bill Beaumont / Distant Future

Since we completed the animations, Farnell required some additional work on the project.  This involved changes due to new branding which meant they needed a new ending and figure updates.  As a result of our process, the changes and additions were easily produced.  Similarly, the cost to the client was a fraction of the original animations’ cost.

Click the image above to watch one of the final animations we produced for Farnell.  If there’s something about the content that you think would work for your brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch.