5G Roll-out – North Yorkshire County Council

When 5G began rolling out across North Yorkshire, the County Council needed a clear, animated explainer video to support the project.

Fast data infrastructure is ever-more important, both at home and for businesses, and 5G connectivity is a critical part of that. That’s fine in cities, but what about more rural areas? Mobile Access North Yorkshire is a multi-year project to solve this problem across one of the country’s largest counties.

Rebecca Proctor of North Yorkshire County Council came to us with a simple brief: create a 90-second video that explains everything.

Animated Explainer Video, 2D Motion Graphics

  • North Yorkshire County Council
  • Local Government
  • mobileaccessnorthyorkshire.co.uk/

  • Visual Design, Location Building, Scriptwriting, Storyboard, Voiceover and Audio
still from the 5G rollout animated explainer video
Animated 5G logo from the explainer video
visualisation of 3G & 4G signals

[They are all] very happy with it! Thank you

Rebecca Proctor, Marketing and Customer Communications Officer / North Yorkshire County Council

“Everything” included explaining how 5G works, and how & why it improves on 3G and 4G.

And how 5G will become increasingly prominent as both commercial technology and consumer devices evolve.

As well as the way the new network will embrace remote locations as well as urban areas.

Along with the necessity of both laying new fibre optic cables, and putting up new masts, across the county.

Also, the way the local project integrates with national infrastructure development,

Plus the ecological benefits of upgrading the county’s existing infrastructure.

In 90 seconds. And on a tight deadline.

Since the project hadn’t yet started, animation was clearly the way to go, rather than live action video; what’s more, it kept costs down.

Although 3D or composite effects can be great for an animated explainer video, working in 2D the obvious choice for this project. That way we could keep the information clear and simple, the imagery re-usable, and the production timeline short.

Through the design process we made sure we worked with a style & pallet that complemented the MANY brand. That wasn’t specified in the brief, but we enjoyed being able to do that.

We were also glad we could help in scripting to cover all the bases within the running time. Added to that, we had great fun creating sound effects to fit. (Take a bow, Lauren!)

The end result? Rebecca loved it, the council and the MANY project made extensive use of it, and the rollout is going fine.

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