Lynfield Mount Hospital Library

2D Animation, Motion Graphics

Looking to show their stakeholders that Lynfield Mount Hospital library was more than just a place with books.  Distant Future was commissioned to produce a clear, approachable animation that informed people about the actual value of their offering as an organisation.

  • Lynfield Mount, NHS
  • National Health Service
  • Animation design and production
2d animation bookshelf with books and a potted plant
2d animation of a desk with computer screen, keyboard & Mouse, Printer & reference books
2d animation infographic exchange of information online to patients
The finishing touch was timing as many things as possible to the music - the effect is subtle but increases the overall charm and watchability of the final animation

– Lauren Sharman / Distant Future Animation Studio

When the animation we produced was met with comments such as “Thanks ever so much – we love it!'” we know we’re doing something right.  Fun fact, out of the 212 videos they’ve put on their YouTube Channel in the last 6 years, our animation is in the top 5 percent most played!  This stat alone shows the reach and engagement a well-planned animation can have upon a brand.