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Podcasts and Productivity – Listen while you work?

To start off my first blog post, I thought I would mention my love of listening to podcasts. First of all, listening to podcasts really helps me focus on the particular job on hand. It makes me more productive and I get in the zone of what I am doing.


However it is best advised to only listen on the right type of job. Writing proposals or emails, doing ‘lip-synch’ animation or anything where you need to constantly listen to an audio track, obviously Podcasts will get in the way.


A lot of people will argue that you should not listen to anything as it will be a distraction in itself, for some people it is but everyone works differently. A scientific study found that 48% of people found people talking to be the most distracting thing when they were at work. I guess I’m in the other 52% as I love it. I enjoy listening to podcasts, they make me happy and we all know that a happy worker is a good worker.


To back up what I’m saying a bit more, take a look at this report which says that listening to music ‘encourages the release of dopamine in the reward area of the brain’. I think podcasts do the same thing for me!


As well as giving me focus, they also help me to be constantly inspired and creative. The podcasts that I listen to are not all animation related, but still really help with my creativity. Sometimes the subject is something that I am not really into. I tend to subliminally learn new exciting things as well. This can be a bonus and gives you bragging rights to everyone else in the office every now and again!


So don’t always listen to stuff related to what you are currently doing. You might spark off a new interest and before long find yourself a new hobby. I’m a big believer in doing something very different from your work life as it can help a lot with mental and physical health. You need to take your mind away from work from time to time and try not to focus 100% of your energy on work related interests. Having those alternative hobbies can help you keep attracted to your professional work.


To finish off, here are my top 5 Podcasts:


5: SMODcast: Jay and Silent Bob get old

A good comedy podcast that features the actors Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes who talk about all sorts of subjects. Very entertaining and sometimes informative with a lot of comedy antics… very much reflecting their alter ego characters.


4: Skwigly animation podcast

If you want to be in know with the latest animation news and reviews, this is the place to go. A UK based podcast, often might involve insights into popular UK animation. Very informative and overall inspirational.


3: Tested.com: Creature Geek

One of Tested.com’s sub podcast that’s the subject of physical creature makeup and special effects. There are interviews with a lot of legendary creature make up artists who have worked on various well known Hollywood blockbuster films. Very informative and entertaining.


2: Tested.com: Still Untitled & This is only a Test


Technically 2 separate podcasts, but a lot of subjects and hosts are the same. The subjects consist of latest technology, gadgets, games and latest films and often reviews on sci-fi books. Again very informative and interesting.


1: Guys with Pencils

Very informative and very entertaining with a lot of useful information on the animation industry. With interviews of well known animation industry people including the director of Paranorman and show runners of other well known TV animation, all give fantastic insights and advice.



photo credit: Grado SR-60 via photopin (license)



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