Business Award for Distant Future

2018 Keighley & Airedale Business awards ceremony

Last month’s Business Award win meant Distant Future is the Keighley & Airedale Business Awards 2018 ‘Media Business of the Year’.  This award was particularly pleasing because Director, Bill Beaumont, campaigned for the category the year before.

Bill says, “I wasn’t the only one calling out for the digital area of industry to feature its own section.  So it’s great to have the category added as well as make the shortlist too.  Not only does it give recognition to the creative talent that exists in the area.  But is also helps raise awareness that Keighley is ready to support businesses that focus on the digital sector.  And, of course, becoming an award-winning company is one of the key steps in any business’ pursuit of excellence.  Big thanks to all the Distant Future team for helping us achieve this key milestone for the studio.”

More about Distant Future

Established in 2011 and founded by Bill Beamount and Steve Searle, Distant Future Animation Studio is now run by just Bill.  The team he works with are based locally as well as all over the world.

“Working together, but remotely, really is one of our main strengths as a business”, Bill continues.  “Due to both the creative and commercial nature of the projects we work on, the process can be as comprehensive as it is urgent.  This sometimes means last-minute revisions are necessary outside of office hours.  Working in different time zones really helps with this as the team can pick the project up in excess of the UK working day.”

“I wasn’t the only one calling out for the digital area of industry to feature its own section, so it’s great to have the category added as well as make the shortlist too.”

Bill Beaumont, Founder of Distant Future
Distant Future wins Media Business of the Year

More about the work we do

The types of work we do for our clients includes:
Product Animation
Motion Graphics
Animated Identity
Character Animation
Visual Effects

All serve primarily to bring a brand, or brand message, to life.  Social media is one of the main influences in the trend towards a more video-led way to tell your target audience about what your business does.  So animation as a marketing tool is becoming increasingly more popular.

media company outside london
Business Award for Distant Future

An alternative to email marketing

With the GDPR regulation deadline having now passed, email marketing is a more precarious method for communicating with your audience.  This leaves a gap in the marketing mix which video and animation content is perfectly placed to fill.  Having a slick, dynamic video you can publish across all channels does a much quicker job of brand messaging.  Which is why more and more companies are using video and social media to launch their major campaign messages and general content.



If you’re thinking about using animation in your next project, why not get in touch?  Call us on 01535 357475 or chat with us live on our Chat Box facility at the bottom of your screen.