AR and VR in the future of storytelling

Is AR and VR the future of storytelling?

We’ve been capturing imaginations for years – since stories were told around campfires.  Soon, technology will allow audiences of the future to experience the world in a new and immersive way.

What roles do augmented, virtual and mixed reality have to play in this?  Let’s take a closer look …..

What are Immersive Technologies?

Immersive technology allows us to captivate an audience like never before.  The power of this tech is immense, and the key lies with creatives.

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virtual reality - immersive technology of the future

What is AR?

Augmented reality, or AR, allows the digital and physical to not only overlap – but interact.  The user’s real-world environment is enhanced by visual or auditory content.

It can be found in the form of mobile apps, or even army-training experiences.

What is VR?

Virtual reality is probably the most well-known form of immersive technology.  VR headsets have skyrocketed to popularity in recent years, largely in the gaming industry.

This is a computer-generated experience.  It takes place in a stimulated environment.  There’s a lot for creative and digital companies to get excited about here.  This technology is continuously evolving!

What is MR?

Mixed reality is where digital and physical objects can interact together, within the same world, in real-time.  It’s a blend of synthetic content with the physical.

virtual reality - immersive technology of the future
VR – the future of storytelling?

How do these help us tell a story?

Audiences of the future will have a completely different experience – yet one that has kept the core of what we find so captivating about stories.

Creatives should use these technologies to transform the way we see the world.

Stories won’t just be heard, or watched, but felt and experienced.  The user will become part of the story – completely immersed in what’s happening.

We’re constantly looking for ways to convey our stories in the most exciting way possible.  It appears creatives have found it.  But how can they truly take advantage of this technology?

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

The government has announced up to £33 million from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund will support creative technologies.

This will help creative and digital companies create immersive experiences for the audiences of the future.  From providing support to establishing opportunities for researchers and creators to work together – this funding should help grow the UK’s market position in creative technology.

Soon, the UK will be at the forefront of this tech revolution.  It’s home to some of the best storytellers.  In the future, they will use AR, VR and MR to tell the most captivating stories.


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