Secret Service

White Label Animation

This is going to be quite a short post, mostly because we can’t tell you about anything we’ve done under our white label animation service.

What I can tell you is that we’ve delivered white labelled animation and motion graphics work that’s ended up in the hands of some huge, huge names that I can’t really shout too specifically about.  I can tell you that the work and names include event graphics for one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, TV adverts for one of the UK’s biggest music brands, information films for probably the most famous broadcasting company on the planet, animated branding for one of the biggest names in financial services, and product animation for manufacturers in all sorts of industries.

Hmmm….. what else can I say?  Not much really, so I guess it’s time for the call to action……

If you’ve got clients who you want to impress with your animation prowess but don’t have anyone there who can do the work, maybe your current freelancers are snowed in, snowed under or on holiday, maybe you want another quote for some secret animation work, in any of these cases give us a call on 01274 966651 and we can have a much more meaningful conversation that we won’t tell anyone else about.


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