ChargePoint – Synthesis

ChargePoint wanted to show how their products integrate with equipment in various settings, giving the viewer a good understanding of where and how they can implement the solutions offered across their range of products.

Live action filming couldn’t offer the creative freedom they needed, so animation was the perfect medium for this marketing campaign.

3D image of API Filling line by Distant Future Animation Studio Keighley
Pharmaceutical Containment Lab from 3D product animation
3D product image of a ChargePoint wash lance
ChargePoint's products are always evolving and they've recently launched a wifi-connected handle and other new components. We keep all our files so updating the existing animations with the new the products was a smooth process.

– Hugh Robertshaw / Distant Future Animation Studio

We animated with CAD drawings that came straight from ChargePoint designers, which ensured the models are completely accurate when shown on screen.

The resulting seven animations have been used as a marketing and sales tool to promote their industry-leading products, and have travelled with them to expos and events on three different continents.