StarCo – Dual Wheel System

Installing an extra wheel on the side of your tractor is easy enough when you know how, trust me I’ve seen it done.

But what if you need to explain it to people across the world, from many different countries, in many different languages?

Printed instruction books or pages and pages of PDFs can be a bit daunting so StarCo came to us looking for a different approach.

Close up shot of a specialist bolt for attaching tractor wheels from a 3D animation by Distant Future Keighley
3D product animation shot showing fastening clip from StarCo
Cross section of a wheel tractor showing attachment bolts
StarCo sent us a demo model of their dual wheel system. It was just a slice of a tractor wheel but weighed around 60 kilos! It was great fun to play with but it's nice to know they can just send a link to the animation next time.

– Lauren Sharman / Distant Future

The animated instructions are now available online to StarCo customers and have helped the company reduce costs and environmental impact.

With innovation like this, you can see why StarCo has been and continues to be a pioneering force in the wheel and tyre industry for more than 55 years.