Lynfield Mount Hospital Library

Looking to show their stakeholders that Lynfield Mount Hospital library was more than just a place with books, Distant Future was commissioned to produce an clear, approachable animation to inform people about the depth of their offer.

We met them, talked through their facilities and found out what areas were going to be of most use to their service users.  From there we were able to put together easy-to-read designs for each point, then added life through animation and smooth transitions.

  • Lynfield Mount, NHS
  • National Health Service
  • Animation design and production
Flat design animation for Lynfield Mount Hospital by Keighley animation studio
Motion design for animation by Yorkshire animation company
2D animation design showing information flow in NHS departments
The finishing touch was timing as many things as possible to the music - the effect is subtle but increases the overall charm and watchability of the final animation

– Lauren Sharman / Distant Future Animation Studio

The animation has been met with comments such like ‘Thanks ever so much – I love it!’ and ‘Thanks – we really appreciate it and the video looks great!’ which is nice.

Also, out of the 212 videos they’ve put on their YouTube Channel in the last 6 years, our animation is in the top 5 percent most played, which shows the reach and appeal a well designed animation can have.