dib explainer

dib development create effective, sustainable change in organisations across the UK and they wanted something to show themselves as a company who do things differently.

We met and they explained their philosophy on doing it better, gave us a crash course in creating culture in companies, then asked us to come up with ideas of how this could be shown on screen.

2D cartoon animation picture showing a polluting factory
Picture from a 2D character animation showing the result of bad training practices, image by Distant Future Animation Studio Leeds
Happy characters from a 2D animation about staff development and training by dib development
A huge thank you to Bill who just ‘got us’ right from the start. His guidance and expertise supported us throughout the whole process. It was an exciting, seamless experience for us and Bill just made it all so effortless.

– Julie McGeever / dib development

After script writing, storyboarding, visual design work, animation and audio production, the final animation has sat at the top of their homepage ever since, increasing engagement with their audience and giving a memorable introduction to their people, ideas and approach.