Barentz Innovafeed – Insect Based Pet Food

2D Animation, Product Animation, Motion Graphics

Screenhouse Productions were looking for a studio to create an eye-catching animation design to promote a new line in pet food.  Produced during the early days of covid lockdowns, with stakeholders in three different countries, effective communication was a vital part of the successful delivery.

2D Cutout Animation - Tim Lemeer of Barentz explaing the challenges finding sustainable sources of protein for pet food
2D Cutout animation - Dish of insect grubs
2D cutout Animation - relationship between supply factory innova feed factory and powergrid
Thanks very much Distant Future. Barentz and Innovafeed love the film. Thanks so much for all your work. It looks great and does exactly what we hoped it would.

Paul Bader / Screenhouse Productions

Insect-based pet food is a game-changing idea that some people find challenging to comprehend, so it was essential to create work that explained the benefits in a bright and entertaining way.

The client wanted to show as much live-action content as possible, so Paul at Screenhouse directed Barentz staff to create their own footage on mobile phones, then sent the results to us to include in the animation.

Using a cutout style helped bring the footage into the graphical, animated backgrounds and gave the work a more tactile, hand-made aesthetic, further emphasizing the human-centred requirements of the design.