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Introducing our Intern, Dania Sodikin

Would you like to become an intern? Last month, we welcomed Dania Sodikin who is studying to become an Animator. Dania has already made a fantastic impression upon the team here at Distant Future Animation Studio. To make her feel even more welcomed, Distant Future’s MD, Bill Beaumont, put together a list of questions for her to answer. So here goes …


Dania, how did you arrive at Distant Future Animation Studio?

It’s thanks to my uni’s [Dania studies at Cesur PTA in Málaga Spain] international department. They were looking for an animation company I could work with, so they sent my CV across with some of my work, and a few days later Bill [Beaumont] was interested, so I happily decided to travel abroad!


What will you be doing here in your role as an Intern?

I will be doing mostly 3D animation in Maya and motion graphics in After Effects. If I have a chance, I might be working with Unreal too!


What are the best bits about being an Intern at Distant Future?

Equipment. It’s great to be working with two monitors and many graphics cards are the best friend of an Animator. Yesss! A mini fridge!! It can not be left aside. And, of course, the people I’m working with. They are super-friendly.


What do you enjoy most about animation?

What I enjoy most is modelling, the part where designing on paper and taking it to screen … it’s just amazing. Also, I really like animating, so your little character can run and make funny poses.


What do you think of Yorkshire?

I haven’t had the opportunity to travel around, but from what I’ve seen it is really pretty. Very green landscapes and Victorian buildings is just …. gorgeous.


Dania Sodikin and her father in the snow in Keilghley


What do you think of Keighley?

It snowed two weeks ago and I was very, very happy! In Marbella [where Dania is from] it’s always sunny and hot, and very little rain. Keighley is the opposite. Since the first day I came here it is cloudy and cold. Overall, I am happy to be here and the people are very, very friendly.


What are your future plans?

After finishing my internship, I would like to travel around the world (I don’t know where yet) or visit my family in the Philippines. Then I would love to be hired in an Animation Studio or in a Video Games Studio. If everything goes well with Distant Future, maybe they will hire me *winks*.


Who do you admire most in your field of study?

Indie studios in general because I think it is more fun being with a few people and getting to know each other. Also, compared to a bigger studio, working in a small studio means you can work on many things.


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