Is bigger always better?

Get your video watched more Part 3 – Size Matters

This third and final part of our series on how to get your videos watched more is going to be the shortest so you should still have plenty of time to go back to read Part 1 which talks about where on your webpage you should post your video, as well as Part 2 which talks about how duration affects people’s decision to watch your content.

Here though we are looking at the how big your video should actually be.  It turns out that there is a sweet-spot that actually means more people will click on your video to watch it.

Size Matters

The magic figure is around 520 pixels wide by 375 pixels wide.  Anyone working in television or for a video or animation production company should recognise that is a pretty odd size.  Standard widescreen is 16:9 meaning that for every 16 pixels in width, there are 9 pixels in height.  Our ‘magic figure’ is 16:11.53846….. which is pretty obscure.

The reason for that is that the number has been taken from a huge number of pages with video embedded so we see a bit of averaging going on here across videos of all sorts of different resolutions.  I’m tangenting away from the main point here though.


In a nutshell, if you show your animation on your website somewhere around 520 pixels in width, you should be onto a winner.


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