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Get your video watched more – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on how to get your video or animation watched more. If you haven’t already read it, click anywhere on this text to read Part 1 which talks about the most effective place on your webpage to embed your content.

So, the tip for Part 2 is……. keep it short.

Which video would you rather click on, a 1 minute video or a 2 minute video? Clearly context is important here. If you are looking into something in depth and want as much information as possible, you may well feel that a longer video will give you what you need, but if you are browsing promotional videos or animations for a bunch of products, or if you are looking at the play button on a company’s service explainer and wondering if you want to click it, I’d put money on the idea that you’d rather watch something short and sweet.
If you agree with that point then you can see that common sense suggests that shorter videos will get played more. That’s all a bit anecdotal though. Let’s look at some hard facts….

duration graph 1

This graph shows that shorter videos get played more. Something 30 seconds long gets played over 80% of the time, whereas something that pushes slightly past the 3 minute mark gets played 20% less.

This next graph shows that the longer a video is, the less likely people are to get to the end.

Video Analytics

It’s an interesting point in itself and shows how important it is to consider the structure of your content. A normal marketing strategy would be to have your content then stick a call to action at the end. That becomes a lot less powerful if people aren’t likely to get to the end in the first place.

In summary then, the more quickly and concisely you can get your messages across, the more people will watch your promotional video or animation.
If that’s not enough for you then here’s one final fanfare for shorter videos and animations, the shorter it is, the less it will cost to make.

Look out for Part 3 which will be posted at the beginning of June and in case you rushed past the link at the top, here’s ANOTHER LINK TO PART 1 of this series.


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