Get your video watched more – Part 1

If the best tips are the easiest to implement then this one is great.

We are intent on our clients getting as much mileage as they can from the content we create so design our work to be as versatile and as watchable as possible.  But no matter how good your content is, you can’t always guarantee that people will watch.  This is the first of a series of three blog articles that will show you a few simple tricks to get your video watched more often.

Our tip for today is: put your video at the top of your webpage.

Wistia is a company that focus on video analytics.  They looked at 95,000 different landing pages dividing them up into zones according to how long the pages were, Zone 1 at the top running down to Zone 7 at the bottom.

Video play rates

Put simply, the higher up your webpage you put your video, the more it gets played.

There’s an amazing drop for videos in the bottom half of a webpage compared to the top half.  Wistia point out that the position of the play button could be a major factor here but it’s worth noting that people quickly decide if the webpage they have landed on is relevant to them and they will click away if they feel it’s not.  Realising that makes it common sense that the lower down the page your video or animation is, the fewer people see it let alone click on the play button.

Click anywhere on this line of text to see their full article.

So, no matter if you have a service explainer, a product animation, a music video or any other content that you want to be seen, put it at the top of the page.


Click on this pic to read part two…..

Watch Animation




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