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motion tracking
Quick Tips For Motion Tracking
Motion tracking can also be referred to as moving or camera solving, and it has been used as a visual effects tool for over 30 years now. It was first used in 1985 for a series of adverts for National Geographic (read more about its history in general by clickin here). Why...
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Audio effects - why they're important
Audio Effects – Why They’re Important
Audio effects are a massive part of the finished product and, like all effects, they are successful if the viewer doesn't notice you've done anything at all.  And that certainly includes the often overlooked world of sound design. Everything has to fit just right.  Why?  So that you truly believe...
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Podcasts and productivity
Podcasts and productivity – listen while you work
Podcasts and productivity is a potentially controversial combination.  But I thought I would mention my love of listening to podcasts and how it helps me focus on the particular job in hand.  It makes me more productive and I get in the zone of what I am doing. The right...
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