Last-minute project with Manto Films

We recently teamed up with Manto Films and really enjoyed it. 

Here’s why our first co-production on a last-minute project with this fantastic production company was so much fun …

More about the brief.

No media production company worth their salt is a stranger to last-minute projects!  The brief?  Deliver 3D animation in less than 48 hours!!

Manto’s enquiry came through to Distant Future Animation at just before 4PM on a Wednesday.  Oh, and it had to be included in their video edit by close of play on Friday.

More about the project.

On this occasion, the job landed in the lap of our Managing Director, Bill Beaumont, who had literally only just returned from a trip to Tokyo.

Rather than fall victim to jet lag, he got stuck in, taking the CAD drawings from Manto as a starting point, before importing them to the in-house software in preparation for the animation stage of the project.

“No media production company worth their salt is a stranger to last-minute projects!”

Emma Ashcroft, Marketing Specialist

Putting it all together!

The next stage was that the artwork needed to match the requirements of the client’s brief, so Manto’s client, and in-keeping with the video footage of the project so far.

What we produced included techniques such as texture and lights effects (to make a wall look more realistic), before final rendering of the work.

We delivered, in HD, on Friday AM!

Making last-minute projects happen!

More about our studio.

Distant Future Animation Studio doesn’t just help companies with 2D and 3D animation that are part of a longer-term project, but is proven in its ability to help agencies with projects that are very last-minute.

Because our team is based across different countries, we can work across timelines which exceed the UK working day.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether the job has a quick turnaround, or how little time you think the animation team will need, because we can work to very tight deadlines.  So if you’re struggling to find a studio to work with on your short deadline, make sure you get in touch with us and we can help.

Distant Future Animation Studio is an award-winning team of specialists who are dedicated to ensuring animation is accessible to all types of business-owners.  We love what we do and this shows in our work.


If you need to know a bit more about our process before booking a job with us, why not get in touch?  Call us on 01535 357475 or chat with us live on our Chat Box facility at the bottom of your screen.

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