Some people describe what we do as a ‘dark art’…. we think that’s a bit dramatic side but at the very least, a lot of people would like to know more about what goes into a well made animation.

Maybe you’re one of those people, maybe you want to see how entertaining and informative 90 seconds of animation can be, either way, watch the animation above then get in touch to find out more.


Get us in at the start to talk about out works and what needs tweaking to make sure the animation delivers your wider goals


We’ve got years of experience writing and finessing scripts so can help out here as well – Top Tip #1, keep it short and sweet


Good storyboards are the foundation of every well-delivered project, giving one of the first glances at what you’ll see on screen


Adding basic motion to the storyboards and setting them to the voice over helps define and finesse timings


This is where we turn all that lovely planning into a finished animation


….and the final stage is package it up and send it for you to download.  (We can also help promote the animation as well…. get in touch to find out more)