Do you need video?

Video content, whether animation or pure video, is the most engaging form of media and 85% of the people who come to this page will watch the video at the top and never get round to reading this text!

With people being so selective in the content they take in, video marketing is a must for businesses nowadays. As described in the video we at Reel Film are teaming up with Distant Future Animation Studio to give you a media production double-bill as part of Leeds Business Week 2015.

Reel Film, the official video sponsor of LBW 2015 are delighted to be staging an event working with local businesses on how they can use the moving image platform to best effect to market their brand.

What’s the point in having a video produced without a plan how to use it? We will run through the state of the video landscape today, demonstrate some real, local success stories before moving on to a quick workshop on how video content can best work for your business, how you should use it and the results you could see.

If you are interested in finding out more about delivering videos with purpose, and how to build the strongest, most effective relationship you can with the people making film and animation for you, please sign up to both parts of our events:


Wednesday 14th October – The Cross Keys

13:00 till 14:00 How to use video effectively for your business

Light buffet and networking

14:30 till 15:30 How to get the most out of your media production company


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