Image of attendees at Bingley Expo 2018

Distant Future revisits the Bingley Expo 2018

We can't believe it's a whole week since the warm welcome we got at the Bingley Business Expo.

It was the second year for the expo and we've exhibited at both events, so it was great to see how it had grown in the last 12 months.

Despite the fact that were more delegates this year, Event Organisers, Emma Steele and Rachel Barratt, still found time to come round and talk to all exhibitors, ensuring all had what was needed to make the most of the day's networking potential.

The staff at the event were great too, so a big thanks for their help and patience at the end of the day when we were the last to leave as we waited for our transport home!

The day itself was a great success: we saw familiar faces; made new connections; and certainly spread the word further about the services we offer as an award-winning, Yorkshire-based Animation Studio.

In case you missed it all on social media, we ran a competition whereupon entrants could win £100 of vouchers to spend with Independent retailers based in Keighley (tickets organised by Discover Keighley - thank you!).

The winner was decided by throwing all the business cards up into the air and seeing whose landed nearest to the jug we'd collected all the cards in.

We were very pleased to announce that Hospice Fundraiser, Harriet Wood, from the Sue Ryder Hospice Manorlands won the vouchers, on top of the donations they were already receiving from the event itself.

Harriet decided to donate the vouchers to the hospice rather than keep them, putting them to good use in order to support the work they do providing expert palliative care across the region.

Last Friday we visited the hospice to hand-deliver the prize and were privileged enough to be given a brief tour of the facilities, to better understand the good use the vouchers would be put to.

Whilst there, Harriet explained the importance of the support that all volunteers and friends of the hospice relentlessly provide.

She also mentioned a '£50 Challenge' they offer which sees somebody being given four months to turn the £50 into as much money as possible to donate to the hospice.

What you do with the £50 is completely up to you, but the aim is to raise funds in playful competition against all the other teams that enter.

The team here at Distant Future Animation Studio are finalising their plan right now and hope to raise as respectable sum as they can, so watch this space .....


If you want to find out more about this challenge, and anything else the hospice does through their daily commitment to palliative care, get in touch with Manorlands by clicking here


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