Podcasts and productivity – listen while you work

A guest blog post from Steve Searle. 

For this blog post, I thought I would mention my love of listening to podcasts.  Listening to podcasts really helps me focus on the particular job in hand.  It makes me more productive and I get in the zone of what I am doing.

However it is best advised to only listen on the right type of job.  Writing proposals or emails, doing ‘lip-sync’ animation or anything where you need to constantly listen to an audio track, then obviously podcasts will get in the way.

A lot of people will argue that you should not listen to anything at all whilst at work, as it will be a distraction in itself.  But everyone works differently.

A scientific study found that 48% of people found other people talking to be the most distracting thing whilst they are at work.  I guess, then, I’m in the other 52% because I love it.  I enjoy listening to podcasts, they make me happy and we all know that a happy worker is a good worker.

“Some workers plug in their earbuds to escape an environment that’s too noisy – or too quiet – or to make a repetitive job more lively.”

Amisha Padnani, The New York Times

Don’t just take it from me!

To back up what I’m saying a bit more, take a look at an article in The New York Times’ archives – ‘The Power of Music, Tapped in a Cubicle’.  In the post, the author discusses a report which says that listening to music encourages the release of dopamine in the reward area of the brain.  I think podcasts do the same thing for me!

Listening can make us happier.

Inspiring my work as I listen.

As well as giving me focus, podcasts also help me to be constantly inspired and creative.

The posts I listen to are not all animation-related, but still really help me with my creativity.

Sometimes the subject is something that I am not really into, but then I still subliminally learn something new as well.

This can be a bonus, and hey, might even give you bragging rights in the office every now and again!


Steve Searle was one of the founders of Distant Future Animation Studio.

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